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Many regulations simply specify the outline for policies and procedures leaving the details of the content to experts in the field. As delegating nurses, assisted living managers, care giver trainers, and facility owners, we are experts in assisted living and DDA policies and procedures. We provide practical knowledge to simplify operations as well as regulatory content. Contact us for help authoring or reviewing your policies and procedures.

We can take the guess work out of decoding the code of Maryland regulations (COMAR), or any other state regulations, for assisted living facilities. Our assisted living staff training courses are designed to allow the staff to understand their job responsibilities with regulatory compliance integrated into their normal routine.

Our founder is the only nurse in Maryland chosen to be on the National Advisory Council for federal Assisted Living Policy. We are aware of regulatory changes and their impact on facility operations months before the changes are announced. Our regulatory linkage provides you with the assurance that your policies and procedures and the training your staff receives are fully applicable regulations. Whether you are contemplating opening your own assisted living facility or already own or work for an assisted living facility, we invite you to register for our classes or have us review your policies and procedures for any issues that could jeopardize your business.