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Networking for new customers is critical to the success of any business. We are trusted advisors for our clients. When you advertise on our website, you are reaching approximately 1,000 potential new customers each month. Currently we have four lines of business with a fifth one coming soon. We anticipate a maximum of 60 advertisements appearing on our main website with up to 12 advertisers in each line of business. This means your ad will appear at least twice per minute on our home page and at least 4 times per minute on the lines of business pages.

You will receive a 3" X 3" advertisement appearing on our home page and on every page in a specific line of business, plus a landing page where your service is further explained and where you can link to your website and social networking pages. This allows you to target your marketing specifically to the customers of specific lines of business.

Our Web advertisements draw needed and broad attention to your business from $50/month. This service is very flexible and you can even be scheduled on a month to month basis. Discover the abundance of new business you've missed out on! Contact us to discuss your web strategy.